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Artist Statement

Nature: Memory and Restoration
My paintings and drawings are inspired by experiencing and remembering natural habitats in their optimal state. Rather than depicting damage caused by culture and industry, my work portrays a nostalgic and hopeful view of nature. Because of their beauty and animate presence, forests and trees are often an important theme in my work.

Most paintings in this series are oil on panel, and occasionally incorporate gold leaf and muslin. Varnishes and glazes create an aged quality to evoke nostalgia. Vintage frames and architectural salvage lend a sense of history, underscoring the idea of memory.

I am currently working on a collaborative project with environmental toxicologist Dr. Josh Lipton, who assesses scientific damage to various sites and offers restorative solutions. A series of large scale paintings will portray these places of former beauty as "transformed." These works will be part of an environmental installation [name of place] designed to inform and educate the public about the restorative process.